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About Magnum Gas & Power

Magnum Gas & Power Limited (“Magnum”, formerly Ormil Energy Limited) is a Sydney based Energy company focused on developing Energy solutions in Botswana, Africa. Working to develop Solar and Hybrid Gas Power Generation infrastructure, along with upstream Gas exploration and production projects.

Botswana currently has insufficient domestic power generation, yet is strategically located and could be a hub for the entire region in the longer term . Botswana is well suited for Solar power generation and so Magnum is working to develop significant Solar projects, but also integrate Gas fired power generation to provide a clean and reliable power solution.

Magnum has upstream gas projects and is working to bring the Company Coal Bed Methane (“CBM”) projects to production. Magnum holds exploration licences for CBM over two prospective basins, in the North and Central regions of the country, along with a Petroleum exploration licence in the north of Botswana.