Board of Directors

Nathan Featherby – Executive Chairman

Nathan Featherby is currently the Executive Chairman of Ochre Group Holdings Limited. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Curtin University and has spent most of his working career in stockbroking and merchant banking with a focus on small-to-medium mining and exploration companies.

David Scoggin – Non-Executive Director

David Scoggin has a Bachelor of Arts from Princeton University, majoring in international relations and finance.  He currently works in the international finance industry as a senior trader/ portfolio manager, specializing in mergers and acquisition analysis and risk assessment, with a particular focus on the Australian natural resources industry.

Saxon Ball – Non-Executive Director

Saxon Ball is a current non-executive director of Ochre Group Holdings Limited and a director of STB Projects Pty Ltd, an Australian private company focused on infrastructure installation services and development within the natural resources sector.  His previous experience includes a non-executive directorship of Silver Mines Limited.

Nicholas Halliday – Non-Executive Director

Nicholas Halliday has a Bachelor of Management and a Masters in Commerce from the University of Sydney, with a background in financial services and advisory.  He has substantial experience in business development, risk management and finance, working with multiple listed resource companies in these capacities.